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Long term testing

The problem-oriented execution of functional testing as well as endurance testing for R&D, their analyses and interpretation constitute an important part of IAVF’s range of services.

  • Durability tests are carried out at modern and fully automated test benches 24/7. All test beds are connected to the work stations of the engineers via intranet.
  • All durability tests are supervised by qualified IAVF personnel during 3 shifts around the clock. Our employees also conduct maintenance, measuring operations and repair work on schedule.
  • Measurements, reviews, and part analyses are carried out in own laboratories [link]. Internal statistics of the test results allow our customers to benchmark their products.
  • Standard motor fuel and diesel as well as compressed natural gas (CNG) are available at any time. Special fuels and reference fuels can be provided on short notice.
  • If required, measuring techniques that are normally used for functional testing, such as continuous measurement of wear, oil consumption, and fuel entry to lubricant, can be applied in durability tests as well.
  • The data analyses of the tests help to reveal internal and external potential to increase efficiency.