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Laboratories & equipment

Surface analyses laboratory

  • ZEISS 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • Surface measuring instruments for roughness measurements and topography measurements
  • White-light interferometers
  • Various light microscopes
  • Special measuring instruments for valve spring load, piston ring stress, etc.

Metallographic laboratory

  • Equipment for sample preparation
  • Equipment for beveling, etching and evaluation of metallographic specimen

Oil laboratory

  • Equipment for the analysis of oil viscosities
  • Equipment for the analysis of soot concentration in oils (IR-absorption and y-absorption)
    Tribological laboratory
  • Atomic force microscope
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Micro-scratch devices
  • Tribometers

Labore & Messgeräte
Labore & Messgeräte
Labore & Messgeräte