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Functional tests

The goals of our functional tests are the development and the optimization of system for exhaust aftertreatment as well as single components and modules of motor engineering. Furthermore, the tests aim for lower fuel consumption as well as a better lubrication system.

Here, we offer the following services:

  • The development of diesel particulate filters (combustion behavior, reduction of installation size, degree of efficiency, coordination of the injection process, etc.)
  • Development of SCR systems
  • Projects to optimize the behavior of Otto-DI engines during cold start and while running (emissions reduction, fuel immission etc.)
  • Optimization of heat management
  • Analyses of combustion behavior and exhaust emission of new fuels
  • Analyses of the effects of start-stop operation on hybrid vehicles
  • Cause analyses and formulation of corrective measures for problems in the field

Usually, motor characteristic like wear, oil consumption, soot or fuel entry to lubricant are analyzed through endurance tests. At IAVF, we have chosen a slightly different way: The Sigma Principle. Here, engine characteristics from combustion are directly associated with mechanical issues, providing the following advantages:

  • Effects of combustion on motor engineering are realized and understood
  • Optimization processes are simplified
  • Development time is reduced